Inanimate Insanity

Country of the Series

United States of America




April 1st, 2011


December 7th, 2012

Created By

Adam Katz


(Team Epic) and (Team Chickenleg)

Inanimate Insanity is an animated competition series on YouTube. The show is about 16 anthropomorphic objects that compete for 1 Million Dollars. The show is a mixture of Total Drama Island, Battle for Dream Island, and Survivor. It premiered on April 1st, 2011, however, due to hacking situations, Episodes 1 to 5.5 appear with September 14th as their release date, though this is incorrect. The series came to a hault on June 1st, 2012 for a summer hiatus, but returned on September 1st, 2012. The final episode was released on December 7th, 2012. A second season of the series has been confirmed and is expected to air in April 2013, however the first two minutes will be available to be seen at Object-Con.


Each object has two eyes, a mouth, and arms and legs. (however, there are a few armless players) The characters consist of:

Each character has different personalities, likes, dislikes, relationships and voices.


In every episode, there is a competition in which the contestants will have to compete in with their teams. The losing team will face the consequences and have to eliminate a teammate. The team that wins will either win a prize, be safe from elimination or nothing at all, but never anything negative.


The team that loses the challenge originally had to eliminate a player (usually the one who caused them to lose), but now the viewers normally vote on this. This player is never to be seen again except either when a process of rejoining or a scene from Idiotic Island.

Participant Team Status Placing
Paper Epic

Returns in Double Digit Desert

1st Eliminated in A Lemony Lesson

Baseball Epic 2nd Eliminated in The Arena of Death 16th Place
Lightbulb Epic

Returns in War De Guacamole

3rd Eliminated in The Stacker

Knife Epic

4th Eliminated in War De Guacamole

15th Place
Nickel Epic

5th Eliminated in War De Guacamole

14th Place
Balloon Chickenleg 6th Eliminated in Sugar Rush 13th Place
Pepper Chickenleg 7th Eliminated in 4Seeing The Future 12th Place
Lightbulb Epic 8th Eliminated in The Snowdown 11th Place
Salt Chickenleg 9th Eliminated in Aquatic Conflict 10th Place
Paintbrush Epic 10th Eliminated in Aquatic Conflict 9th Place
Bomb Chickenleg 11th Eliminated in Crappy Anniversary  8th Place Merged
Marshmallow Epic 12th Eliminated in Inanimate Smackdown 7th Place
Apple Epic 13th Eliminated in The Great Escape 6th Place
Bow Chickenleg 14th Eliminated in The Tile Divide 5th Place
Pickle Chickenleg 15th Eliminated in The Penultimate Poll 4th Place
Paper Epic 16th Eliminated in The Penultimate Poll 3rd Place
Taco Chickenleg Runner Up in Journey Through Memory Lane (Part 2) 2nd Place
OJ Chickenleg

Winner in Journey Through Memory Lane (Part 2)

1st Place


It is unknown where in the world Inanimate Insanity is supposed to take place, although it has been stated that it does take place within a set on an isolated island with no houses and not many other non-contestants around, as stated by MePhone4 in Sugar Rush.